You want to conquer
the EU market?

Nexus Liquids helps you to sell your already existing vaping products inside the European Union.

This is your one-stop solution provider that will cover all of your needs.


Shipping & Logistics

Marketing & Sales


Make sure that your vaping products are compliant with EU law and each local law in your target markets. Nexus Liquids offers to analyse emissions and toxicity. Nexus Liquids will register your devices and formulas in EU-CEG and update your sales volume for you.

Tax & Customs

Nexus Liquids will find the most cost efficient way for your products to reach their destination. You will be able to sell to wholesalers, retailers and even Amazon customers in all over Europe. Nexus Liquids will take care of your tax and custom declarations.


With Nexus Liquids you can store your vaping fluids free of taxes. You can store all of your products free of customs. With 800sqm  dispatch stock and in addition a 400sqm high rack warehouse: Nexus Liquids is ready to take on any challenge.


Ship your products to a single location and distribute them to the entire EU. Nexus Liquids is located closed to the center of the European Union and has direct access to the German highway.


Nexus Liquids helps you understand your EU market and connects brands with costumers. Localize your brand appearance to increase your EU sales. Reach your target consumer base with ease.


Have your EU based sales team that sells your vaping products to EU distributors, retailers and webstores. Nexus Liquids has the infrastructure, sales managers and expertise to make an immediate impact.

Industry Professionals

7+ Years Experience

Nexus Liquids GmbH & Co. KG, based in Bad Salzuflen, Germany, is one of the leading companies for liquids and flavors for e-cigarettes in the German market. The company started in 2015 as a side project and grew to an operation of 6200 sqm and customers all over Europe.

Owner of Successful Vaping Brands

Nexus Liquids is successfully offering several products under its Nexus and Vapenum brands.

Core Believes

Nexus Liquids builds strong relationships, enables partners and removes barriers. Nexus Liquids conducts business based on trust and always challenges the status quo.